Celebrating 100 Years with the Opening of International Elementary School

October 10, 2023

This week we will celebrate the ribbon cutting of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School’s International Elementary School.

The opening of this new school marks the building’s 100th-year anniversary, breathing new life into spaces that were previously in disrepair.

DBI Projects was thrilled to act as Owner’s Representative and Project Manager to deliver International Elementary School, which will serve 500 students. The new facility includes classrooms, a cafetorium, media room, offices, and calming rooms amongst other programs.

Located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Historic District, this project included unique complexities. The historic Macon Street side of the school was built in 1924, with an expansion onto MacDonough Street in 1927. The two sides of the building had different construction methods and required the coordination of different construction approaches throughout the renovation.

The historic site and building didn’t just impact construction methods but required close monitoring of neighboring structures during excavation for the elevator pit. DBI engaged and managed a surveyor to monitor 32 neighboring properties during this period, in addition to the church, parish hall, and convent which share a parcel with the school.

Throughout the project, DBI managed close coordination with the Landlord and its team of architects, engineers, and contractors. Simultaneously to the interior renovation, the Landlord performed a comprehensive exterior restoration of the historic building.

DBI was proud to have received the necessary approvals to occupy the school 2.5 weeks ahead of schedule and is even more excited to see a new generation of students fill the corridors of this century-old school building!

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications