DBI Projects is Thrilled to Join JNF-USA as the Project Direction Firm for the WZV in Israel

August 24, 2022

DBI Projects has been selected to drive the critical planning for the World Zionist Village, a 20-acre, educational and mixed-use campus under development by the Jewish National Fund-USA.

Situated in Israel’s Negev region, the World Zionist Village will bring together the energy of Jewish youth from around the world, the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel, and the rich history of Be’er Sheva.

When you embark on a project of this magnitude, you need to partner with those who share your vision and who can deliver. We are delighted to partner with DBI Projects, which has a track record of successfully delivering for their clients on projects of this scope.
Joe Wolfson
World Zionist Village Chair

DBI Projects is a leader in the field of managing mission-driven developments, bringing to the World Zionist Village project a multidisciplinary team of experts and a diversity of cross-sectoral and cross-geographical experience.

“We are incredibly proud to join JNF-USA’s amazing team in making the World Zionist Village a reality. Visionary projects have long been at the heart of our work, and it is a point of pride to be able to use our expertise to provide this one with a strong foundation for successful project delivery,” said DBI Projects Managing Partner Ofer Ohad, a native of Be’er Sheva. “My own family history is intertwined with JNF, Beer Sheva, and the Negev, and so this is a special opportunity to be a part of realizing a national vision and a personal one.”

The DBI project team is headed by Ofer, with Project Executive Jonah Stern as Planning Lead, Partner & Senior Director Mariela Abreu as Cost Control Lead, and Partner & Director Jordan Barr as Capital Project Lead. Over the next six months, this team will partner with the Villages’ various sub-committees to synthesize the project’s objectives and findings, enhance the focus on the core mission, and develop a detailed construction pro forma, budget, and timeline.

World Zionist Village Construction and Building Subcommittee Co-Chair, Jeffrey E. Levine said: “Given how unprecedented the planned footprint of our Village is, it’s paramount that we engage a project direction consultant who has the right expertise to ensure our project can be executed upon at the highest of standards and that we can feel confident will achieve our core objectives.”

In alignment with JNF-USA’s strategic vision, the World Zionist Village is set to create thousands of direct and indirect jobs and bring countless visitors to Israel’s Negev region. The Village will also serve as the second location for JNF-USA’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel, provide a destination for post-graduates interning in Be’er Sheva-based high-tech companies, and provide conference and educational programming for adults of all ages.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications