DBI Selected for PAC at World Trade Center Team

December 21, 2015

DBI Projects is honored to have been selected as the project manager for the Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center (PACWTC).

On Friday, November 20 the PACWTC announced the project team including Brooklyn-based design architect REX along with executive architect Davis Brody Bond, theater consultant Charcoalblue (with whom we recently collaborated on St. Ann’s Warehouse), and DBI Projects. As described in the press release:

“Scheduled to open in 2019, PACWTC will serve as a major new addition to New York’s cultural landscape, producing and premiering works of theater, dance, music, musical theater, opera and film, as well as productions that cross multiple disciplines. The roughly 80,000 square-foot building…will be a global center for the creation and exchange of art, ideas and culture that will welcome audiences, artists, residents, workers and visitors alike. PACWTC will be a hub for the Lower Manhattan community to enjoy, day and night. It will present a diverse variety of artistic and cultural experiences as well as places and ways to meet, play, collaborate, eat and drink. Vibrant with energy, intelligence insight and pleasure, PACWTC will make profound connections. It will bring big ideas, deep emotions and unforgettable artistic experiences to the renewed Lower Manhattan neighborhood and beyond.”

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications