Lowline Lab Opens to the Public

November 2, 2015

DBI Projects would like to announce the recent opening of the Lowline Lab on the Lower East Side.

Over the course of the last three months, DBI managed the successful buildout of the Lowline Lab in the former Essex Street Market, around the corner from the site of the future Lowline. As described on the Lab’s website, “the Lowline Lab is a long-term open laboratory and technical exhibit designed to test and showcase how the Lowline will grow and sustain plants underground…the Lowline Lab includes a series of controlled experiments in an environment mimicking the actual Lowline site.” By using prototypes of the innovative solar diffusion technology under development for the Lowline, the visionaries behind the Lowline Lab have found a way to grow lush tropical plants (including pineapples) in a lightless space.

Working with a tight budget and a construction timeline of only 8 weeks, DBI ensured the project was completed in advance of the October 17 public opening. The Lab will remain free and open to the public every Saturday and Sunday through March 2016.

dark space with greenery growing up the center
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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications