Now Is The Time To Re-Evaluate Your Real Estate

February 11, 2021

Current market conditions have afforded previously inconceivable scenarios to organizations that have taken the time to reevaluate their real estate.

In a piece for the Heller Fundraising Group, DBI Senior Project Manager Ricky Gautier discussed this phenomenon and outlined some of the ways DBI has been able to help our clients achieve new real estate heights during the past year:

“Landlords have become much more open to lease terminations or significant rent reductions, and spaces that were once unaffordable to the nonprofit sector are now attainable. For one nonprofit, we were able to save millions of dollars (92% of what they would have otherwise owed!) through negotiations with their existing landlords…

Beyond the financial benefits of rethinking their real estate, savvy nonprofits have also been using this moment to rethink their space needs, some concluding that they can decrease their footprint and others that they need to decrease density. And, in order to be in a position to occupy a new or renovated space once things reopen, organizations need to be planning now.”

Read the full feature for more tips on real estate and capital project planning and details as to how a project manager can minimize the associated challenges and risks.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications