Annandale Performing Arts Lab

A Generational and Stylistic Dance between Frank Gehry and Maya Lin

We’re currently leading Bard College’s latest performing arts project, a cutting-edge facility on the north end of the Annandale-on-Hudson campus. The project aims to expand Bard College’s performing arts program and place another architectural landmark on their main campus.

Designed by Maya Lin in collaboration with Bialosky and Partners and Charcoalblue, the new building has been described by artistic director Gideon Lester as a “generational and stylistic dance between Frank Gehry and Maya Lin.”

Our team oversaw the design process and the government agencies entitlements as well as procuring funding for the project and ongoing management and oversight of construction.

Building on our strong history with Bard College, including past projects like Bard College Berlin and their new student residences, we’re excited to contribute to the growth of the school’s artistic landscape.

This project is scheduled to open in early 2026.

Bard College Performing Arts Lab sketch
Sketch by Design Architect Maya Lin
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