Dorie Miller Housing Cooperative

We were happy to assist the Dorie Miller Housing Company, Inc. in their refinancing effort to obtain funding for critical capital projects.

We began by collaborating with the Board of Directors to understand the Co-op’s overall goals and needs. The result was examining 26 possible projects that included deferred maintenance, necessary capital improvements, and desired enhancements.

We evaluated various considerations to prioritize key projects, including understanding the urgency and impact of each, implications with public agencies, the availability of Board members and facilities staff, and overall cash flow, among other factors. Through our holistic view of planning and project management, we assisted the Co-op in prioritizing key projects, resulting in a critical project list that was included in their refinancing package.

Following the successful acquirement of funding, we have been managing and overseeing the execution of numerous projects, such as a boiler system replacement, fa├žade work (FISP), access control and security upgrades, and entry vestibule renovations, with many more in the pipeline.

Since 2019, DBI Projects has delivered over 30 projects for co-ops across New York City.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications