Henley Road Student Residences

Addressing a Critical Need for Student Housing in New York City

We partnered with St. John’s University to deliver much needed off-campus, quality student housing. Leveraging our private sector relationships, we discretely assembled six properties in Jamaica Estates in Queens, in proximity to the University campus.

We led both entitlement and financing of the project, as well as oversaw the design and construction. Within two and a half years, the new 500-bed building was open for students and the University gained an efficient and modern housing facility.

two images side by side showing a brick building forom two angles

Student Housing Specialists

Henley Road is one example of numerous student housing projects we have undertaken. We have developed over 5,000 student housing beds showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved. We are well-versed in key considerations, diverse product types, market offerings, and amenity expectations crucial to student housing success.

Our expertise extends to evaluating student housing trends, understanding the unique residential life of students, and navigating the complex landscape of the evolving real estate market. We understand the regulatory environments, particularly concerning zoning applications, housing and maintenance codes, and planning regulations.

We can support clients to better grasp the economics surrounding student housing, including financing structures and operational models.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications