The Cooper Union Portfolio

Collaborating with The Cooper Union to Optimize their Facilities and Resources

Since 2019, the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art has made DBI Projects a trusted partner across their real estate portfolio. From our first project managing the atrium restoration of their flagship academic center at 41 Cooper Square, we have helped Cooper’s in-house facilities management team mitigate risk and develop solutions for unique public agency and maintenance work, procure qualified and reputable vendors, obtain building assessment reports, identify capital expenditure projects, and prepare budgets and projections for capital expenditure projects.

abstract image of white architectural atrium alongside the architectural section drawing of the atrium

Over the years, we have managed the development of numerous exciting projects for the institution, such as the full façade and roof restoration of the historically landmarked Foundations Building. Another project we managed was the construction of Cooper’s Art, Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Laboratory, a state-of-the-art fabrication studio inside the Foundation Building that serves as a key development site for the next generations of talent in architecture, design, and engineering. We also supported the Cooper Union to more effectively use spaces that were currently under-utilized, this resulted in the Civic Project Lab, a street-fronting collaboration space for students of all disciplines to come together and learn.

Key Projects

  • Civic Projects Lab
  • AACE Fabrication Lab
  • Atrium Restoration at 41 Cooper Square
  • Facade & Roof Restoration for the Foundation Building (Local Law 11 Compliance)
  • Photo Workspace
  • Student Residence Hall Capital Projects (Facade, Boilers, Commercial Space)
  • Foundations Building Green Room & Great Hall ADA Accessibility
  • Deans Office Renovation
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