The Jewish Museum Renovation

Renewing Spaces: Assisting The Jewish Museum in a Transformative Renovation

The Jewish Museum is one of the oldest Jewish art museums globally. Housed in the landmarked Warburg mansion on Museum Mile in New York City, the museum’s mission is to share the vibrancy and diversity of Jewish culture and arts with people around the world.

Within the building, we’re currently managing the renovation of one of the museum’s exhibition and education floors, in addition to localized upgrades elsewhere in the building. This upcoming renovation will take the underutilized 4th floor of the building and enhance its functionality for both educational and curatorial purposes. Working closely with the design architect UNStudio, the vision for the floor creates a visual connection with the 3rd floor gallery and will feature one of the museum’s hallmark collections in a unique display setting.

Once completed, the floor will help to serve and attract the more than 30,000 people per year that visit the museum.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications