Our Inaugral DBI Deep Dive – A Networking Evening Discussing Newlab

December 13, 2023

On Tuesday last week, we hosted the inaugural DBI Deep Dive – a blend of networking and panel discussion, focused on projects that are of interest to our community.

The first Deep Dive highlighted DBI’s collaboration with Newlab, tracing its journey from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to its second home at Michigan Central. We were privileged to have David Belt (Co-Founder of Newlab) and Nicko Elliott (Principal of Civilian and designer of both Newlab projects) join us, along with DBI Partners James Neu, Margot Dirks, and Jordan Learner Barr, providing comprehensive insights into every aspect of both Newlab projects.

With Jordan kicking off the event as the host, we delved straight into how DBI contributed to the success of both these projects. Margot and James described the intricate process of bringing Newlab to fruition—encompassing overall project strategy development, rigorous communication, and careful scheduling.

David shared invaluable perspectives on starting a company like Newlab—from the inception stage, building robust partnerships to future aspirations. Nicko provided a glimpse into the design process, shedding light on the crucial role historic structures and collaboration play in shaping design ideas. Learning about the rich history of the Detroit Book Depository was particularly fascinating.

A big thanks to everyone who joined us. We hope it was an insightful evening, offering opportunities to forge new connections. We look forward to more enriching discussions in the future!

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications