Sneak Peek of Newlab and Ford’s Innovation Lab at Michigan Central

February 17, 2023

Axios has revealed a sneak peek of our new project with Newlab and Ford Motor Company in Detroit.

The first phase of Ford’s highly-anticipated mobility hub at Michigan Central, the Civilian-designed innovation lab is dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing transportation problems. Opening this Spring, the space will accelerate hundreds of member startups working on electrification, aerial mobility, and automation in the former Book Depository building.

“Detroit, the beating heart of American ingenuity, is not only the birthplace of manufacturing and the modern automotive industry; it is the place where the next century of mobility innovation will be imagined and built,” said David Belt, Co-Founder of Newlab and Founder of DBI. “The Book Depository building—designed by the legendary Detroit architect, Albert Kahn—has been empty for 30 years and is an emblem of Detroit’s rich history. Now, Michigan Central and Newlab are excited to breathe new life into the building by laying the foundation for Detroit’s future while paying homage to its past.”

For more information, see the Axios’s article here and watch this space.

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Emily Puhnaty, Director of Business Development & Communications