Hotel Chelsea

Restoring the Iconic Hotel Chelsea

Dating back to 1884, the Hotel Chelsea holds a special place in New York’s history as a renowned artist haven. As the project manager for a real estate portfolio that included the iconic hotel amongst other New York City hotels, we spearheaded comprehensive improvements for the occupied hotel, including managing the replacement of vital building systems, from its elevators to the roof. Our team navigated challenges like mold, pests, lead, asbestos, and more, ensuring a safe environment for the 60+ tenants residing in the hotel and site workers.

Our hands-on involvement extended beyond construction, as we facilitated collaboration among landlords, tenants, and construction managers. We played an important role in developing a phased and strategic logistics plan, ensuring minimal disruption to the long-term residents throughout a renovation that pays tribute to the historic attributes of the hotel.

The Details

  • Complicated permitting process
  • Utilized Historic Tax Credits included within a complex capital stack
  • Collaboration with the National Park Service and the New York State Historic Preservation Office
  • Navigated the intricate Landmarks Preservation Commission approval process due to the building’s historic significance
Two photos side by side, one during construction and one historic
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